Summer wishin’ and wantin’

Good reminder! Absolutely never too late 🙂

Brenda The Wong.

Was browsing through my Twitter feed and came across noted journalist and social media junkie Niki Cheong‘s tweet.

Screen Shot 2013-06-30 at 11.53.52 PM

Of course it is! It is never too late to start making goals for yourself. I made a list of resolutions in the beginning of the year (some I stuck to, some I didn’t), but now I’ve decided that I don’t need the ‘it’s a new year’ excuse to make resolutions to stick to. No, if I want to do something I will do something about it right now! Arguably, some people need the push of the fireworks and champagne to really get into the self-improvement spirit. I think that perhaps it would only lead to tipsy half-hearted promises… to each his own, really. I have had a tumultuous, exciting and unforgettable second year, but I felt that by the end of it, I could have done even more, or did…

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